About Us

You will find that you might just want to lounge around, with a variety of small intimate sitting areas throughout the hotel where you can relax, read a book or write a note.














Or if doing nothing is your thing then just gazing out the windows and people watching can be entertaining for hours. Grab some coffee or hot tea, take off your shoes and enjoy.

If we don't see you in the common areas then we'll assume that you have found respite in your room. Slip into one of our robes and join "Teddy the Bear" on the bed for some DVD entertainment. With leather chairs and ottoman in the rooms you might be more comfortable there reading or gazing out one of your 4'x 10' windows; taking in the "Vistas" overlooking San Antonio's downtown areas.

Whatever kind of relaxation you might enjoy we know that we can meet the challenge at the
Riverwalk Vista.