San Antonio

The San Antonio River Walk has been called “The American Venice”. River Walk is a beautiful two and a half-mile stretch of cobblestone and flagstone paths along the San Antonio River. The theme of water has been a lifeline in Texas for a long time.The River Walk was created by Robert Hugman in 1929. Downtown had continually suffered from serious flood problems until Robert Hugman suggested that the city turn this hindrance into an asset. San Antonio River Walk is a public park, open 365 days a year. It is the most popular tourism attraction in Texas,  every year more than eight million people visit Texas!

River Walk is a hip bustling neighborhood filled with restaurants, shops and nightclubs.With over fifty different restaurants, bistros, cafes, clubs, and bars there is something for everyone! Visitors can enjoy the many senic outdoor patios or stroll along the river with their favorite alcohol beverage because of the lack of an open-container law.